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Korean movie sex scene

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Korean movie sex scene
the world to some of the most incredible pieces of cinema.

Parasite is now the frontrunner for the Oscars, so it comes as no surprise that even the most casual moviegoers are starting to trawl through long lists of other promising Korean movies.

Even so, erotica, which is one of the most key genres in Korean films, still remains unexplored by most international viewers.

Korean erotic thrillers are both seductive and thrilling in equal measure as they first allure you with their carnal appeal and then eventually leave you with a lesson or two on how sex can often be dangerous (to say the least).

There have been several iconic moments of intimacy in the world of cinema and we have previously made a list of the ones that were the best of the 21st century.

However, today, in this article, we are listing down the best Korean movie sex scenes of all time.

Thirst (2009 director Park Chan-wook brings in a unique blend of horror, culture, and taboo with Thirst.

It revolves around the forbidden passionate relationship mentally challenged Jong-du and Gong-ju, who suffers from severe palsy.

This seemingly genuine relationship evolves from sexual assault and holds up a mirror to the negligence of the two wards from their respective families.

In some ways, all the twisted sexual relationships portrayed in Thirst also serve as allegories to the ugly side of Korean society.

The Scarlet Letter (2004 the Scarlet Letter is a renowned K-drama that also has also influenced several other popular suspense thrillers.

But more than anything else, the film also managed to spark a lot of controversy because of its tinge of eroticism.

Soon after the release of the film, there were speculations that one of its scenes were so graphic, that as soon as it reached the eyes of the public, one of the lead actresses, Lee Eun-Ju, committed suicide shortly after completing the project.

This particular scene takes place in the trunk of a car and is far being titillating in any way.
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