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to Nashville today, but before I relate the story let me recap with what happened on the same route three weeks ago, which is a nice story by itself.

I'd worked in Nashville all day before heading out for Dallas.

It was early evening when I stopped to find a hotel in Memphis, coming up empty due to the influx of refugees from Hurricane Ivan.

Not being too alarmed, I continued on I-40 to Little Rock, driving late into the night, but hotel after hotel had posted "no-vacancy" signs.

One helpful clerk tried to send me 30 miles north, and I figured he had some deal arranged with one of his buddies.

As the night wore on I realized he'd been serious, as all area hotels were indeed booked.

Exhausted, tired, and frustrated, my alarm increasing with each new failure, a clerk finally told me that there were a few rooms left in Hot Springs, about a half-hour off I-30.

In despair I drove to Hot Springs along a twisty road, found the Comfort Inn, and literally begged for a room.

The girl at the desk said "We're booked up, but there's a king-smoking room downtown.

Calling the other hotel, she said, "Hold that king-smoking!

I'm sending someone over for." She gave me the directions and off I went.

I got to the other hotel without incident, meeting a very happy woman leaving the lobby.

The girl at that desk asked with a big smile, "Are you from the Comfort Inn?" "Yes I replied.

"I just gave that lady your room!".
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