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Pinaysex stories

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Pinaysex stories
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It were summer vacations and like every other Malayali family, mine used to go to Kerala as well.

But this time, it was after a long hiatus.

I must have been 10-11 back then and we were staying with our extended family.

There was this guy, my cousin, who was about 18 at that time, I think.

We got along quite well, so we spent a lot of time playing and going to nearby places together.

Post lunch, everyone got into the habit of a siesta.

There were 5 rooms in the house and everyone took whichever room they preferred.

Inadvertently, we ended up sharing one room, with one bed.

During the first few days of this routine, he started keeping his hand.

I didn't make much of it then but one day, he started touching my breasts.
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