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attached to it will likely compromise your job prospects, alienate your family, or worse, make you the target of some pretty nasty homophobic violent crimes.

The point of this article is to show that despite being a very difficult place in the world for the lgbtq community, there is a glimmer of hope for a better future.

We are by no means saying these are gay havens in any way!

To be clear, being gay is illegal and difficult here full stop!

What we are however saying is that despite the negative press we hear about gay rights in the Arab world, there does exist a local lgbtq community in each of these countries fighting for recognition, acceptance and the basic freedoms we take for granted.

Our aim is to help celebrate and support them in any way we can!

Despite almost non-existent gay rights in the Arab world, there does exist a local.

Lgbtq community fighting for recognition and acceptance.

We have travelled extensively around the Middle East as a gay couple and overall had a positive experience.

For example, we climbed the worlds tallest building.

Dubai, got lost in the rich culture of Jerusalem, wondered around the souks of Tunis, visited stunning mosques.

Abu Dhabi and even found a few gay clubs in Beirut.

Of course we were always cautious to avoid any public displays of affection and only booked a double bed in hotels we were certain are gay friendly.

In short, for our safety, we had to go back in the closet.

In this article, we've set out the 5 most gay friendly Arab countries based on our first hand experience and research.

This only relates to the 22 Arab countries around the Middle East and North Africa, which are also member states of the Arab League, therefore this does not take into account Israel, Turkey and Iran.

We've put together our list of the most gay friendly Arab countries in descending order, starting from the least gay friendly to the most.

Table of contents 05, oMAN, quick facts about Gay Oman: Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2018 ranking : #133/197 a fair placing(!) when you compare it to the other Arab countries!

There are no pro-lgbtq laws in Oman : but crime is low and it is a very safe country on the wholejust avoid any public displays of affection to prevent any problems.
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