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Mom and son step

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Mom and son step
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Home raleigh Divorce Lawyer » Blended Families and Divorce, when two parents divorce, a custody agreement determines who spends time with the kids and when visitation occurs.

But some families are blended; there are kids, step-kids and step-parents to consider.

When Dave and I got married, I had two kids from a previous marriage.

We have one son together, but my other kids had been calling Dave dad forever.

Our split has been pretty rough.

We just separatedwe arent divorced yet.

At first, Dave said hed still be a part of the older kids lives.

So far, he hasnt visited much and has made it very clear that he is not responsible for paying child support on them.

Timothys Story, i have a step-son from my marriage, and his biological father isnt really in the picture.

He never has been.

My step-son never called me dad or anything, but Im still interested in keeping up our relationship; hes 12 and we have spent the last three or four years doing father-son things together.
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