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Mom and son having sex
buying let alone bringing a naked men's magazine - and then not take it with her.

Wouldn't he have returned it immediately if it really was hers?

He's in his teenage years and whether he follows a religion or not, he will be questioning his sexuality (right or wrong).

He is learning about himself and is probably going through a difficult period where he is transitioning into a man.

Give him time to find himself.

It's okay for him to experience things until he discovers his likes and dislikes.

If he truly isn't gay, he will find it out on his own.

Despite your beliefs, you should still support him through all his choices and lifestyle.

When my son, Troy, graduated from high school, his passion was to become a computer programmer.

A four-year college could help him reach his goal; however, in todays technological revolution, online classes and resources are giving students a new portal to independent learning.

At a fraction of the cost of a traditional degree, students can now tailor their education into a personalized curriculum.

With an ambition to learn code, Troy found Treehouse was a perfect fit.

We discovered that students who learn code with a partner (pair learning) are more likely to stay with it and succeed.

So I volunteered to learn with Troy.
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